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New Videos! Are You Considering Buying a Franchise?

We just posted a few new videos. There are English and Spanish versions of both.

Are you considering buying a franchise? If you are looking into buying a franchise, it is incredibly important that you contact a franchise attorney before signing your contract. In this video, Kelly of Fortman Law addresses the difference between a franchisee attorney and franchisor attorney, the steps a potential franchisee should take before committing to a franchise, and the types of services Fortman Law offers to potential franchisees.


¿Está pensando en comprar una franquicia? Si estás considerando la compra de una franquicia, es muy importante que contactes a un abogado de franquiciado antes de firmar el acuerdo. En este video, Teresa de Fortman Law habla sobre la diferencia entre un abogado de franquiciado y un abogado de franquiciador, los pasos un franquiciado potencial debe hacer antes de comprando una franquicia, y los tipos de servicios que Fortman Law ofrece a franquiciados potenciales.