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The Case of Handing, et al, v. Contours Express, LLC: A Contemporary Story of David and Goliath

Late in 2006, I was sitting in my office. My paralegal/assistant at the time (I’ll call her Marci), had gone off the deep end and stopped showing up for work. I was scrambling to do all the administrative stuff she did while also handling my caseload.

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Tax Preparation Franchises – No Experience Necessary to Fail

I don’t know of any lawyer who plans on working in franchise law while in law school. It just isn’t one of those areas that gets much consideration. I’m sure there are lawyers who strive to work in the legal department at McDonald’s or Subway.

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Hazelwood Girl Scout Cookie Lawsuit Crumbles in Court

Suit had sought judge’s ruling on whether two teens violated city code by selling cookies outside home.

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Disorder in The Court: A Look at An Imperfect System and the Bias Against Dad from The Inside

As some of you may know, I went through a divorce about four and a half years ago. During the time I was separated, my son, who was three at the time, was diagnosed with leukemia. Thankfully, five years later he is still in remission and doing great.

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Understanding Legalese With Ease: Mediation

Intervention; interposition ; the act of a third person who interferes between two contending parties with a view to reconcile them or persuade them to adjust or settle their dispute.

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