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Jonathan Fortman

Jon is a married to his wife Laura and is a father of three, Stephen, 25, Noel, 18, and Carter, 14.  He founded the Law Office in 1995.  He graduated from the University of Missouri 1989 with his B.A. Then he attended the St. Louis University Law School and became a scholar in 1992 when he graduated with his J.D.  He was the recipient of the Warren Welliver Award from the Lawyers Assistance Committee of the Missouri Bar in 1996.  He is an active member of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, and prides himself on giving back to the community by being a sponsor of Friends of Kids with Cancer and other various organizations.

He has devoted his practice to fighting for individuals injured by conduct of others since he began practicing. Many of those cases involve complex issues of fact and law. He has successfully argued appeals to the Missouri Supreme Court, the Missouri Court of Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit and has been involved in cases in at least ten states. The Law Office has now begun limiting practice to class actions and franchise issues on behalf of franchisees.

Kelly Spann

Kelly is married to her husband Todd and is a proud mom of three, Kyle, 14, and Kinley, 7, and Kane, 2.  She joined the Law Office in 2004 as Jon’s legal assistant and paralegal.  She graduated from Rosati-Kain High School in 2003 and went on to attend St. Louis University and the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She too prides herself on giving back to the community and helping individuals through the practice of law. After encouragement from many to become an attorney, Kelly went back to school and graduated from Western Governors University in 2016 and plans to attend law school in the future. 



Teresa Kirchner

Teresa graduated from Webster University in 2009 with a BA in Spanish, a BA in Audio Production, and a minor in Japanese. After spending nearly two years living and working abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she moved back to the US and quickly joined the Fortman Law team as an interpreter/translator and legal research assistant. She strives to work with the Hispanic community to ensure them fair treatment under the law. Currently, Teresa is studying the nuances of Court Interpretation in order to better serve Spanish speakers in legal matters. 








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